The first exhibition in the new year of 2023, which is waiting for you from February 9 to 12, was specially chosen and is called “Uroš Petković’s Peppespective”.


Regardless of how old we are, what we think about the world and its problems, and how we perceive them, each of us has our own superhero with whom everything becomes a little easier and more bearable. For some, it’s a friend who appears whenever it is the most difficult, for some it’s the familiar sound of a favorite song that knows how to push the right buttons and calm us down when everything gets complicated and for some it is a character that inspires us to do our best and discover the most hidden talents and wishes. In the life of ten-year-old Uroš Petković, that role was unmistakably assigned to the playful Peppa Pig, one of the favorite cartoon characters around the world, whose activities many children enjoy. Pepa is playful, good-natured, optimistic, and inspires Uroš with her adventures and helps him to channel and formulate his creativity and talent. Uroš draws situations that both he and Pepa are familiar with, but also some that she may have never encountered and that Uroš directed for her, and together they prove that autism is by no means an obstacle in authenticity and creativity. 

Because we all need inspiration, a little more faith in ourselves and a little less skepticism that everything can be okay, we decided to present Uroš’s drawings at a pop-up exhibition and thereby take a peek into his world where creativity, imagination and dedication reign.

The exhibition is of a humanitarian nature, which means that all of Peppa’s adventures are for sale, and the total income from the sale of Uroš’s works will be donated to the treatment of his friend from school Lazar Živanović, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor and needs to continue treatment as soon as possible at a clinic abroad.

Come see Uroš’s works and bring a Pepa home with you!

peppespektiva uroša petkovića od 9. do 12. februara