From 16th till 22nd December at Kula we are hosting an exhibition “Transition” part of the Student Film Festival programme.


A multimedia exibiton of visual arts, aimed at presenting a point of view of transition through various artistic forms – focused on examining the continuous changes which are an integral part of our lives, as well as their consequences.

Through it’s numerous and layered phases, change has the possibility to affect the individual, thus enabling the processes of transition – this way of thought is the only way to question the norms within wich we exist, as well as recognizing the importance of artistic creation.
Regardless of the stage of life, or specific way of human functioning, a transition is an indispensible system of questioning, adaptation and redefinition, which belongs to everyone. Taking the main theme of this year’s 20th Festival of student film into account – FSF Transition, this exibition strives to show the way in which different artists percieve this topic, by utilizing different means of expression – regardless if the transitions in question tackle cultural, socio-economic or purely intimate questions.

TRANsition from 16th till 22nd december