The Man exhibition is a non-chronological story about the experiences of Ognjen Tadić. Experiences that do not necessarily arise from personal experience,  but are personally understood.


Ognjen conveys his auto fictional experience of the world with an inspired role-play perspective from games. All scenes are connected by suspense from the horror genre and humour, which in combination create a nightmarish feeling.

The exhibition is conceived as a collection of different scenes – snippets from narratives that we don’t know the beginning or the end of, but we are caught up in them.

Ognjen Tadić is a multimedia artist originally from Subotica. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in the department of photography, after which he expanded his media to film and digital painting. Although humour is often present in his works, the primary experience is discomfort and the unknown. The works contain elements from everyday life behind which there is something surreal and most often nightmarish. Themes vary from experiences from Ognjen’s childhood to the subconscious, with which he forms his subjective world.

Izložba je zamišljena kao kolekcija različitih scena - isečaka iz narativa kojima ne znamo ni početak ni kraj, ali smo zatečeni u njima.