New Church is a one-man project (coming from bands such as sveta pseta, eaglehaslanded, radost-stradanje) formed in 1995, reaching its followers from the distorted depths of suburban Belgrade.


By combining electronic noise with the interference of melancholic one-riff guitar parts and chantlike singing, New Church is a pilgrimage, transmitting its message from unknown places, announcing its existence through whispers and quiet steps in the dark, a shadowplay pierced by hypnotic, repetitive mantras

It’s Holy Mass brings surrealism to a black and white meltdown in which there is a very thin line between tranquility and discomfort, between a dancing soundtrack under neon lights and the sounds to enjoy at the peace and comfort of your room, where prayers sound like curses, as mermaid songs emerge behind the blackest waves. Join the New Church, a sanctuary where language boundaries are erased, as all patterns are lost in a new place to pray.