As part of the Nonaligned Summit, which lasts from September 8 to 11, at the Kula gallery you can visit the “Somehow Somehow” exhibition by Rijeka artist Zoe Miloš.


The summit is not an event! These are tireless attempts, which can only be enjoyed by those who dare.
The lack of common opinion and the fear of other people’s profit brought drought but also buried the seed for those who tend to find compromise and despise profit like any real outsider.
It’s better not to expect anything! Come to have crazy times with movies, music, exhibitions, but also to participate in the art of falling.
This year’s gathering of independent artists, skaters and masons, will expand and we’ll give space on our moving pedestal to another troupe who is also built on countless failed attempts.
That’s enough for now, more about the essentials soon!

The exhibition “Somehow Somehow” by Rijeka artist Zoe Miloš is in more than one way situated in the shapes and spaces in between. Fanzine formats are binding larger visuals that are then framed and “cut” into booklet formats; the booklets themselves were created using manual printing techniques, decollaging found layered posters from advertising spaces, but also decoupage with non-standard materials that invite touch, placing the final product beyond the visual in the domain of the interactive and tactile. Flat visuals with typewritten phrases use the repetition of thoughts and themes as if in a trance, and larger format layered canvases, with then peeling layers of paint suggest that they are unfinished, never-finished works whose shape changes with every crumb of fallen material. Classical technical-artistic education whose goal is to fixate the artistic work as a moment in time and space, the artist thus subverts both technically and purposefully, opening the door to the liminal space between fine art and graphics, message and thought, touch and look, actual and abstract.

  • Dario Devic

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