The exhibition of the Cobra Deluxe collective was held from November 18th to December 2nd, 2021.

Despite its infamous reputation, a cobra bite rarely ends in a fatal outcome. However, snakes from the Cobra deluxe family have built a reputation for their fatally good tattoos.

This family has 8 members, unique in their appearance, habits and diet. They also have different approaches to hunting, depending on the prey. Although we cannot identify them with each other even by the color of the snake’s coat, they were related in the same hiding place and have been working successfully for the last 8 years.



This collective made a departure from that and gathered artists stylistically related and inclined to traditional tattoos, expressionist image, and sometimes even anti-tattoos as forms of expression. At the same time, a lot of unnamed styles were created here by osmosis in the Cobra deluxe studio.

The versatility of this small family and their engagement as street artists, muralists, illustrators, graphic designers and everything else human, less related to the profession, contributed to an unprecedented narrative layer of tattoos on the local scene. 

Their tattoos directly convey emotion, situation and message, commenting on everyday life, the problems of the little man and the superficiality of the elite. Is it a bird, or is it an airplane? No, it’s the original Cobra Deluxe Engaged Tattoo.

Alek Leaf, Bou, Cobe, Fat Kid Beny, Iskra Zauvek, Neon Black, Projanator and Tearzdrop presented their works in various media and formats.